New System Recommendations

New System Recommendations

Any NEW desktop or laptop computer (PC or MAC) should meet the recommended requirements for Mansfield University Students.

PC's (Desktops & Laptops):

We recommend that your new PC have, at a minimum, Windows 7 Home Premium. If your PC comes with Windows 7 Home Basic or Windows 7 Starter, we recommend you consider upgrading those versions. This is a recommendation, not a requirement.

If your purchase a PC with a Linux based OS such as Ubuntu, or the new Chrome OS, CT will not guarantee any level of service on those devices.

A new laptop PC should have both wireless (WiFi) capability, and have an Ethernet jack. On a desktop, WiFi is optional.


Any new Mac purchased will contain the latest OS and will work fine on the campus network.


An Ink-jet or laser printer. We do not support Wireless (WiFi) printers at this time. We recommend connected your printer via USB cable to your computer.

Software Considerations:

We recommend that you include Microsoft Office 2013 for PC, or Office 2011 for Mac with your new system. It will likely be available as an upgrade option. Also include a virus protection program. We recommend downloading Microsoft Security Essentials for virus/malware protection. Download at