Do I get my own phone number?

No. At the preference of our students for cell phones, Mansfield has discontinued local phone service in the dorm rooms effective May 10, 2008. From that point, the Residence Halls have phones on each floor available for emergency connection. Students have opted to bring their own cell phones and calling plans to campus. Cell phone contracts are at the user expense.

You will be asked to provide your current cell phone number for emergency alerts and communications other than email to the campus.

What cellular providers are available?

The cellular providers known to work most reliably in Mansfield are Verizon and Indigo. Both companies have local stores in Mansfield. Mansfield advises that you test your phone in our area before committing to a long term contract.

Cell phones from carriers other than Verizon may not work in the Mansfield area. Contact your Cellular provider to determine their coverage area. Most Cellular providers have an online map of coverage - if asked for a zip code, MU's zip code is 16933.

What if I don't have a cell phone?

In absence of a cell phone, CT would suggest a "soft phone" technology solution on your personal computers. Examples of these services include Vonage, Skype, and Magic Jack. This assumes a comparable receiver PC. These alternatives are at the user's expense.

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