Student Email Accounts

Student Email Accounts

Attention Current Students

In an effort to improve your experience at Mansfield University, Campus Technologies will be modifying your email by removing the "mounties" from your address. This change is the first step towards CT's efforts to provide a single sign on experience for you a student – a single sign on experience providing you with the ease of only one set of credentials for all of Mansfield University’s systems – Desire2Learn,My Mansfield, email, etc. This change will occur during the first full week of January 2017.

To ensure a smooth transition during this time of change, you will still receive emails at both your old address ( as well as the new address ( You will still access your email in the same fashion, whether:,, or the quick link on  For mobile users, we recommend using the Outlook App. However, your log in credentials will now be the same as your Active Directory user name and password – the credentials you currently use for Desire2Learn, My Mansfield, and Campus WiFi.

We hope that this as well as other future efforts of CT will provide you with a smoother and more productive path through your time with us. And, as always, if you have any trouble accessing your email, or experience any other technology issue, please feel free to contact the Campus Technologies Help Desk at –,  570-662-4357, or visit us on the ground floor of Memorial Hall.

About our Student Email

All Mansfield University students receive a Mounties email account through Office 365 after being accepted to the university.

  • Your Mansfield email account must be used for ALL Mansfield University electronic communications about academic matters.
  • You are responsible for any announcement or assignment that a faculty member sends to your Mansfield address, and you should check your account on a regular basis.
  • Faculty and administration will communicate academic and official information only to your Mansfield email account.
  • New email account names are created by utilizing your last name, first initial, middle initial, and the day or month of your birthday. In the event that this creation scheme results in duplicate Email names, the birth day or month may be changed to a unique number.

What is my email password?

For your initial email password, access My Accounts - you will have to log in with your student ID number, your last name and your birth date in order to access your information.

What is the directory policy?

Mansfield University publishes directory information for students on our secured intranet, "My.Mansfield". Campus users must logon to My.Mansfield with their Active Directory username and password to access this web directory.

Faculty and staff information is available from the Directory button on all official webpages.

Unless a student is under 18 years of age OR has specifically requested NOT to be on the web directory, we publish an online campus directory showing the student's local address and email address. This is a convenient lookup system for faculty and staff as well.

How do I get my address information removed from the published directories?

Students living on campus, should contact the Residence Life office to request removal from published directories.

Students living off-campus should contact the Registrar's Office to be removed from published directories. See the student directory web page for more information.