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Wireless Connectivity Frequently Asked Questions

Wireless Connectivity Frequently Asked Questions

This is a listing of the questions we answer the most. If you require further help, please call the Helpdesk at 570-662-4357.

What Hardware Do I Need to Connect?

You'll need a device with 802.1x authentication capability, and the ability to use A/B/G/N wireless networks.

What Software Do I Need to Connect?

You'll need any Microsoft OS at XP sp2 or greater, and any Mac OS greater than 10. Appropriate drivers for the hardware also need to be installed correctly.

What kinds of devices can connect?

Any device that can handle 802.1x authentication.

What kind of connection is it?

Wireless internet is essentially a radio communication. We send A/B/G/N standard signals, up to 150mb/s

Is this secure?

Yes, and No. Your internet traffic is encrypted, at 128 bits. We have configured our wireless network with safeguards to help you maintain your privacy and keep you protected. However, your signals are being sent over airwaves; and as such there is always a slight chance that the signals may be intercepted.