Technical/Service Problems

Technical/Service Problems

Trained technicians monitor and test the telephone system to insure consistently high-quality transmission. However, if you experience any problems in placing calls, please contact the Campus Technologies HELPDesk by calling, 570-662-4357, by submitting a ticket to the HELPDesk, or by emailing us at, as soon as possible. Your assistance in promptly reporting any difficulty is in everyone's best interest, as we will be able to identify and correct the problem that much faster.

Trouble reports should include:

  • Your name
  • Location/extension number of the telephone
  • Date and Time of the call
  • Number dialed
  • Description of the problem

Any other information you can provide that would help us in resolving your problem is appreciated.

As an example, if you have difficulty placing calls to a particular town, but calls to other places are okay, it's important that we know that, so the technical staff doesn't spend time searching for a problem with ALL calls.