Your Computer

Your Computer

  • computerDo you plan on bringing your computer with you to campus?
  • Are you thinking about buying a new one?
  • Taking an online course and want to know what you need?

We can help guide your decision making process!

Computing on Campus

First, some basics about computing on campus. Mansfield University utilizes both PC and Mac based computers on campus. The majority of our academic and public use labs have Windows-based PC's. The choice between a PC or a Mac is mostly a personal preference.

The lab computers run Microsoft Office, as do faculty workstations. You will be required to use programs such as Word, Excel and Power Point as part of your coursework. Adding the latest Microsoft Office package to your system, whether it is a PC or a Mac, should be strongly considered. For more information about Microsoft Office, check our Office 365 page.

Links to our recommendations for different levels of requirements are listed on the right. If you have any questions, contact us!