Voice Mail

Voice Mail

How it works

There is a generic greeting in-place allowing callers to leave a message. A password consisting of the last four digits of the campus phone number is set on the mailbox. Users may opt to use their voicemail box in this default configuration, add a more secure password or further customize their mailbox by adding their name and a personalized greeting. Customizing the mailbox streamlines a caller's ability to easily leave messages.

We suggest that you:

  • Change your password to insure only you can access your voice messages
  • Record your name so people sending you a message will know they're reaching the right mailbox
  • Record the greeting callers will hear when you're away.

For Faculty & Staff:

To retrieve messages:

  • Dial 4400 (Off campus, dial (570) 662-4400)
  • If you hear "You've reached Mansfield University's Automated Attendant...", press #.
  • If you are at your own extension and you hear "Please enter your security code", press "0000".
  • If you are calling voicemail from another extension and you hear "Please enter your security code", Press "*#". When you hear "Please enter your mailbox number", enter the last four digits of your personal telephone number. You will then be prompted to enter your security code. First time users should enter 0000.
  • Follow the prompts to set up your voice mailbox.

All Users:

If retrieving messages from off-campus or from a campus phone that does not have voice mail, the first prompt you hear will be the university's autoattendant message. In this case, press # and then process to step 3 of the instructions for retrieving messages from a 6xxx extension.

Customize your Voice Mail:

These instructions may be used at any time to update your mailbox features

To record your name:

  • Dial 4400 and access your mailbox per the appropriate procedure
  • When prompted that you have <no> messages, press 3 1 5
  • Follow the automated prompts to record your name
  • When prompted "this name has been saved" -
  • Hang up

To record the greeting people will hear when leaving a message:

  • Dial 4400 and access your mailbox per the appropriate procedure
  • When prompted that you have <no> messages, press 3 1 3 2
  • Follow the automated prompts to record your personal greeting
  • When prompted "the message has been saved" -
  • Hang up

To change your security code (password):

  • Dial 4400 and access your mailbox per the appropriate procedure
  • When prompted that you have <no> messages, press 3 1 4
  • When prompted "your security code has been saved" -
  • Hang up

Voice Mail Commands

Once you've entered the voice mail system, by pressing the appropriate key on your phone, you can perform several tasks.

1 - Listen to new messages

2 - Send messages to another voice mail user

3 - Access "Phone Manager", which allows you to customize your voice mailbox.

5 - Listen to messages you've previously saved

- Retrieve messages you inadvertently deleted (during the same call to voice mail - once you disconnect, deleted messages are gone forever!)

Command '1', Listening to Messages:

1 - Pressing 1 during message play allows you to alternately pause and resume listening.
      During a pause, you can also perform the following:

3 - Increase speed of playback
5 - Set a "bookmark"
6 - Increase the volume
7- Slow the speed of playback
8 - Resume from previously created "bookmark"
9 - Reduce the volume
* - Cancel or exit

2 - Immediately starts to forward the current message to another voice mail user.

- Backs the current message up 5 seconds

4 - Deletes the current message

5 - Places the current message in the "Saved" queue.

- Starts the message again from the beginning

7 - Skips to the next message. The current message stays in queue.

8 - Allows you to reply to messages 'sent' by another voice mail user. During the reply cycle, you will be prompted to press '2' to record your reply. You may also press '9' to transfer to the sender's voice mailbox.

9 - Advances message playback by 5 seconds

00 - Provides date and time stamp, and other sender information when available. This can be permanently added to each mail message by changing "Autoplay envelope" defaults in Phone Manager.

Command '2' - Record and Send Messages

You will be prompted to enter the mailbox (extension) number of the person to whom the message will be sent. By pressing # you can access the Subscriber Directory to find numbers you're unsure about (faculty and staff numbers only). During the send cycle, the following commands can be used:

2 - Pause/Resume recording

3 - Backs up 5 seconds

4 - Delete what you've recorded so far

5 - SEND the message

6 - Review what you've recorded prior to SEND

9 - Skip forward 5 seconds

Command '3' - Phone Manager

The Phone Manager allow you to customize your mailbox. In accessing phone manager, the following commands apply.

- Change your personal options. Selections in this category include:

3 - Record a personal greeting. You will be prompted to press 1 to record the greeting someone hears when you're on the phone, or press 2 to record the greeting someone hears when you're unavailable to take the call.

4 - Change your Security Code (password)

5 - Record your name. This is what someone hears when they send you a message.

2 - Change messaging options.

6 - Change auto-play envelope information. This selection determines whether you hear the date and time stamp of a message, and whether you will hear this before or after the message. The default is no play of date and time stamps; you can receive this information by pressing "00" at any time during message receipt.

Note: This is not a complete list of all possible voice mail commands. You may be given other choices during voice mail operation. Choosing options not listed above are for advanced features, many of which are not installed, and which may disable your mailbox or cause other unexpected results.