Minimum PC Requirements

Minimum PC Requirements

Below is the MINIMUM recommended PC configuration for a student's computer.

PC System Configuration:

Processor Types: 3.1GHz or Higher
Operating System: Windows 7 or higher
Memory: 4GB or higher
Network Card: 10/100 Network Interface Card
Other Equipment Needed: Sound card, speakers or headphones, printer (non-wireless), DVD-ROM drive
Recommended: DVD-R/RW, Flash Drive device (Thumbdrive or Jumpdrive)
Browser: The latest version of Firefox, Google Chrome or Microsoft Internet Explorer 
Software: Microsoft Office 2013

Mac System Configuration:

Processor Types: Intel Core Duo or better
Operating System: Mac OS X or higher
Memory: 4GB 
Other Equipment Needed: Headphones, printer (non-wireless)
Browser: The latest version of Safari or Firefox
Recommended: Flash Drive device (Thumbdrive or Jumpdrive)
Software: Microsoft Office for Mac 2011