Mounties Mail

Mounties Mail

The Upgrade to Office 365 has been completed for students and alumni.

Please be sure you are logging in to the right page! Please delete and replace any Mounties email bookmarks you may have on your browser with the following:

The page should look similar to this, with the Office 365 logo above the login boxes:


If you do not see the Office 365 logo on the right, but instead see the logo, receive an error message, or the login is freezing up, you need to:

If you still cannot login please contact us at from an alternate email address. Please include your full name, account username, and phone number. If you do not have an alternate email address call 570-662-4357 between 8AM and 4PM Monday through Friday.


Login to Mounties Office 365 email


Your Personal SkyDrive Account

With the completion of the upgrade, your SkyDrive account is now a personal account managed directly by Microsoft. Mansfield University no longer manages that account. We suggest you set up account self service with Microsoft to assist you in the event you lose or forget that password. To do that visit, Remember this, will set up password self service for your personal Microsoft account, not your Mounties Office 365 account.

Access Your Personal SkyDrive Account Managed by Microsoft


Mounties Email Upgrade from Live@EDU to Office 365 Email for Education

Microsoft will be upgrading your Mounties Email account from the Live@EDU email system to Office 365 for Education. This upgrade is mandatory for all Live@EDU schools, which includes Mansfield University. Our is upgrade is scheduled for July 1st, and will continue through the rest of July, with additional features being added to the Office 365 platform. When your upgrade is complete, you will still access your campus email with the same user name and password as you currently use for accessing your Mounties Mail account. You will, however have a second personal account, controlled by Microsoft, where your current Skydrive account is located. Continue reading for information regarding your current SkyDrive account.

Your Current SkyDrive and Messenger Accounts Will Become Personal Microsoft Accounts

When the upgrade is completed, you will have an Office 365 for Education account that you will continue using for Mounties Email, and some additional features which we will describe below.

Your current SkyDrive and Messenger accounts will become personal Microsoft Live accounts. You will still access those accounts using the same username and password. At that time, however, the University will no longer be able to change your password or assist with access to those Microsoft Live services.

If you are a current SkyDrive user we strongly recommend that you make sure you have the self-help utility on your Microsoft account setup. You may do that by logging in here:

From that location, you may set up an alternate email address, and other ways to alternately access your personal account.

What New Services Will Be Available with Office 365?

During July, new service will be added to your Office 365 account, including SkyDrive Pro and the Office 365 Web Apps suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and One Note). We will have more information regarding the new services once they become available.


Q: Will I lose any of my email, folders, contacts, etc.? Is my email address changing? What about my mobile device?

A: You will not lose any of your mailbox content. In fact, your access to email will likely not even be interrupted. Your email address remains the same. If your mobile device is configured to connect via ActiveSync, you will not have to change anything on your device. If you connect via POP or IMAP, changes will be made, which we will publish here after June 30th.

Q: What happens to my files currently on my SkyDrive account? Will they be moved to my Office 365 account?

A: The files that are currently stored in your SkyDrive account will remain there, as part of your personal Microsoft account. Those files will not be moved to your Office 365 SkyDrive Pro account. It will be possible to manually move those files on your own if you choose. More information on that will be available when the full upgrade of Office 365 is completed.

Q: Will my web email look different? 

A: Your email will look pretty much the same initially. The Mansfield Mounties Mail logo in the upper left will be replaces with the Office 365 logo.

Q: Is there anything new with Office 365?

A: Yes. Immediately, your max mailbox size increases from 10GB to 25GB. As the upgrade progresses, other features will be added as discussed above.

More questions? Contact Office