What does the Student Technology Fee cover?

What does the Student Technology Fee cover?

Technology Tuition Fee is a separate tuition fee established by the Board of Governors in 2002 for rendering technology resources and services to enhance student learning experiences.

The purposes of the technology tuition fee:

  • to acquire, install, and maintain up-to-date and emerging technologies to enhance student-learning outcomes;
  • to provide equitable access to technology resources; and
  • to ensure, ultimately, that PASSHE graduates are competitive in the technologically sophisticated workplace. All hardware, software, databases, and other capital equipment procured with these revenues are to support student learning experiences.

Examples of technology tuition fee usage includes but is not limited to:

  • Smart classrooms, including renovations to support technology-intensive learning
  • Computer labs
  • Learning content and content management software
  • Electronic media and library databases
  • Distance learning hardware/software
  • Staff for training, technical assistance and technology maintenance
  • Training and professional development to create skills and materials integrating technology into the classroom
  • Faculty technology needs to support student learning and communication
  • Access to broadband and telecommunication services
  • Online student academic support services
  • Security solutions to protect student and institutional data