Password Phishing Scam & Password Change Security

Password Phishing Scam & Password Change Security

CT is aware that numerous and changing phishing scams are being sent to both employees and students.

Many of these phishing attempts purports the users mailbox will be shutdown, and ask for you to respond to the email with your user name and password. Other attempts may appear to come from financial institutions or other online entities. A new variant is targeting specific faculty in a more elaborate money scam.

Those emails are phishing attempts, and you should not respond.

Please disregard any emails asking you to send any information directly, or direct you to any site that is asking you for campus login information that does not display a certificate owned by Mansfield University of Pennsylvania or The Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education. If you have responded to one of these messages with account information, please contact the helpdesk at 570-662-4357. If you receive a message that appears to come from a financial institution you are affiliated with, please check with them before entering any information.

Password Change Security

CT will NEVER ask you to send personal information such as username, password, date of birth, via email. Password changes on the web are only done on our secure websites at and