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Projectors: Extending Bulb Life

Basic Tips:

  1. Power UP and DOWN according to the manual. 
    • ON switch, then ON lamp. 
    • Power down in reverse order only wait until the fan stops before powering unit completely off. In other words. Power lamp off, wait for fan to stop, and then power off switch.
  2. DO NOT leave projector powered up if you are not using it. It only overheats circuitry and leads to irreversible problems down the road.
  3. DO NOT plug RGB/Video cords into it while powered up. Do this before you turn the unit on.
  4. Refrain from bumping or setting down abruptly.
  5. DO NOT block the fan or vents.

Finally, remember that at some point a bulb will go out. Nothing lasts forever, but if we follow these basic instructions we should see several years out of a bulb. We literally still have models 4 years old that have original bulbs in them and they are used fairly heavily.