Print Cash

Print Cash

All students at Mansfield University will receive a printing allowance each semester which may be redeemed at any Print Cost Recovery station. The printing allocations (per semester) are distributed to all active students as follows:

  • Full-time undergraduate students - $16.80
  • Part-time undergraduate students - $8.40
  • Graduate students - $11.20

Your Print Cash allocation is provided during the semester to assist in the cost for any printing services you may require. You may only use your Print Cash to print in labs or in the library on PCR printers.

The funds for this printing cannot be redeemed for cash, transferred to another individual's account, or carried over between semesters. The current cost for black and white printing is 7¢ per page and 15¢ for color.

Documents can only be released for printing if there are sufficient funds in your account.  The print management system will utilize funds in your Print Cash allowance first, if available, then deduct from Mountie Money.  Once you have used all of your Print Cash, you must fund your printing needs with Mountie Money as the Print Cash account cannot be replenished until a new semester begins.

You may check the balance of your Print Cash and Mountie Money accounts at any PCR printing station, at the PHiL kiosk in Alumni Hall or through the One Card Web portal,

You can deposit funds into your Mountie Money account with cash or check at the CCSI office in Alumni Hall, or with cash or credit card at the PHiL station at the entrance to Alumni Hall. You can also add electronic deposits with a MasterCard, Visa, or Discover anytime online through the One Card Portal, Mountie Money will carry over between semesters and will never expire!