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This is a brief discussion on the use of the GoMounties Network.

If you require further assistance, please call the Helpdesk at 570-662-4357.

How Do I connect?

Using your device, search for available networks, GoMounties and OnRamp should be available. To set up GoMounties you will first need to go through the OnRamp network. If you're where OnRamp is available, click the Connect button. OnRamp will then have you install a configuration file to setup the GoMounties network on your device. Once the configuration file has been installed, open your internet browser, you'll be directed to the SafeConnect login screen. Log in with your Campus Services ID. From there, if you have a Microsoft OS or Mac OSx, you'll have to install the SafeConnect policy key.

Once you're logged in with SafeConnect, you will be able to use internet services.

What kinds of devices can connect?

Any device with wireless capability should be able to connect. We've tested apple mobile devices (iPod Touch, iPhones, etc), Androids, and many others. Of course, Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems are capable as well.

Is this secure?

GoMounties is secured by firewall and encryption, allowing the most popular internet services. You are still susceptible to spyware/adware/viruses... so that's why we require the installation of the policy key; so we can ensure that your Anti-virus is installed, running, and up to date. This helps us maintain a safe, speedy wireless network for your use.

I need an account or I don’t know my account information.

All students, staff, and faculty have accounts already, please use your Campus Services ID

If you are a visitor, guest speaker, vendor, or support/repairman who would like an access to our wireless, please Contact Us!

iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch users:

Browse to from your device for a configuration file to connect to the Campus email with a few easy steps!

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